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Cambodia Living Arts student Yim Sokung plays a Sralai. Yim  is a music student in the classical and folk dance class of Master Ieng Sithul. Phnom Penh, Cambodia...The sralai is a Khmer (Cambodian) musical instrument. It is the only wind instrument in the pinpeat, a classical ensemble of wind and percussion instruments. Its quadruple reed is made of palm leaf, and its body has a slightly conical bore. Its cousin, the Western oboe, has a double reed and a conical bore. The pinpeat instruments tune to the sralai's pitch. The player must learn circular breathing to play continuously without stopping for breath...Cambodian Living Arts works to support the revival of traditional Khmer performing arts and to inspire contemporary artistic expression. CLA supports arts education, mentorship, networking opportunities, education, career development, and income generating projects for master performing artists who survived the Khmer Rouge as well as the next generation of student artists...